a change of address

so we're leaving for argentina friday...if anyone wants to write me (sorry i've been so horrible about wiriting everyone else...i suck, i know) send it here:

Cabildo 875 1° Piso
Buenos Aires, Argentina
CP 1426 AAI
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about that

so yeah...i got hit by a van friday afternoon...i know, really random and rather scary....i was walking in zable stadium parking lot, saw a white van and all of a sudden one of those big green facilities management vans was there and i was on the ground....i'm ok for those of you i haven't talked to yet....just a few scraps/bruises, a rather swollen nose, and a knee that doesn't want to bend...but nothing's broken, no concussions so i'm incredibly lucky...major props to smashingtori and fineeyes who were woken from their naps by the random girl who called to say "your friend...she just got hit by a van...and she's bleeding"....and proceeded to wait for an hour at the williamsburg hospital till i was released, drove me everywhere for prescriptions and stuff....i am VERY grateful :)...also to laura for readjusting the room/making sure i didn't kill myself climbing in/out of the loft.....i'm sure i'll have another entry later...right now i'm still a little shaken up and not quite sure what to think about the whole ordeal....sorry to those of you i haven't called yet..i've just been kinda busy :)

this is definitely not meant to be a plea for pity (i really am fine)....just want you to know that i really am fine on the off-chance that anyone hears differently (plus this is the easiest way not to tell the story fifty thousand times)
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by the way...

if you ever want to read anything more than my random complaints, comment and i'll add you to my friends list...i'll probably start friends-locking everything's easier than re-reading every entry to make sure it won't offend anyone
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disaster, bush


must. write. paper.

who am i kidding...the thing isn't even kinda due until next tues *sigh*

and the oc starts in 3 min
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disaster, bush

(no subject)

so this past week has basically been one big blur of stress mixed with a few really exciting/happy spots...basically i wrote a (really bad) research paper in one night, talked to chris (yay for aim!)...and tues sucked beyond words....BUT i just found out two amazing things:

1) my gov paper is now due after thanksgiving....granted i still need to have it done before i go...but this takes off some of the stress
2) one of the classes i was excited about taking next semester got canceled...but in its place, they put in an even better one :)....intro to spanish economics (its all about spain integration into the eu, its effect on certain industries as well as national politics)....i am SO excited - about an econ sad is that :) sidenote: it's kinda taught in i'm a little worried about that
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dear weather gods,

thank you for the amazing weather this week....i am aware that this sudden appearance of the sun does not change the fact that it is actually november and occasionally gets cold.....i will remember this tomorrow and stop dressing like it's mid-summer again

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disaster, bush


so....that comment in my last entry about missing my lip gloss more than my calculator - i had an econ exam earlier today....and i definitely miss the calculator....oh do i miss that calculator *sobs*
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